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Protect Amesia using Aura Kingdom Gold to equip yourself

To protect the Amesian world from the forces of evil you need the best items and skills.

Buying Aura Kingdom Gold saves you time, increases your enjoyment and gets stronger quickly. Increase your chances in Aura Kingdom!

In Aura Kingdom you are a warrior with a mission

Aura Kingdom is a game that assumes the role of a warrior whose mission is to protect the world of Amesia from the forces of evil. By combining great visuals with beautiful battle animations, the online game is ideal for anime fans. There are 12 classes for you to choose your character, each with its own tree of evolutions and unique abilities.

You can buy Aura Kingdom Gold because you do not have to worry about the requirements to play

Aura Kingdom brings a beautiful look, while not requiring a top-of-the-line PC. The presentation of the game is exceptional, since the game is all in english, something that helps make the community even stronger.

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