Each unit is 1 Million.
Delivery Method We deliver directly to your Character by Mailbox in game.

With Cabal Alzes you save Nevareth from evil

To bring salvation to Nevareth you need to have the best items and skills against evil.

By buying Cabal Alz you can have better items, save farming time and increase your enjoyment. Take advantage of our Alzes service to evolve faster.

Buy Cabal Alz is Easy, choose your Server and choose the Quantity:

Cabal Online remains popular

Cabal Online is one of the most popular games in Brazil. The game innovated by being the first to have a PVP mode in MOBA style, with the goal of traversing routes, knocking down towers, fighting enemy troops, exploring the jungle and ultimately defeating the opposing base.

Cabal Alzes improve your items

To evolve faster and spend less time farming in Cabal Online you buy cabal alzes. We deliver via game mail directly to your character. The deliveries are made 24 hours a day by our team according to the announced deadlines. Save lot of time in the game by buying alz in Tribo Games. If you have any questions about how to buy access our online chat, it will be a pleasure to talk to you.

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