Payment Approval

All payments are approved automatically, for more information or questions, contact our customer service.

Type Deadline Details
Stripe 5 min  For the payer's security, we may ask for a document to prove the holder of the purchase.
Coinbase Commerce
5 min Automatically approved by Coinbase.


Order Delivery

The order starts delivery when your payment is approved.

Type ETA Deadline Detalhes
Virtual Credit EPIN  5 min to 2 h 24 h Virtual Credit like EPIN are delivered automatically from our system.
Virtual Currency or Item
30 min to 24 h 7 days Pleae talk with our customer support to arrange delivery.


Payment Refund

To request a refund for an order, contact our customer service.

Type Deadline Details
All Types of Payment
72 hours Refunds can be requested as long as the order complies with our refund policy.

Feel free to talk with us by our online support in case of any doubts.