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Each unit is 1 Million. For Retro and Monoconta each unit is 1K.
Delivery Method We deliver directly to your Character by Trade in a specific game location.

In Amakna everything improves with Kamas Dofus

Explore Amakna quickly leaving your professions and skills stronger!

Buying Dofus Kamas you evolve faster and have access to better items. Save time, improve your fun by farming less, just buy Kamas to Dofus Online. Fast service with quality and safety.

Although ancient the Dofus continues current

Mixing video game RPGs with interactive cartoons, Dofus brings a whole new concept to multiplayer RPG games. This is the first MMORPG developed entirely in Flash with 2D graphics that slightly resemble some RPGs for Super Nintendo or Playstation.

The Kamas are a main element for your char

In fact, the game also brings together some elements that refer to older single player RPG games. With characters that were based on manga, it has 15 completely different classes to choose from, all created exclusively for the game universe and each with their own abilities.

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