Delivery Info

Orders are approved for delivery after the payment has been processed.

Payment Approval Deadline

Type Deadline Details
Coinbase Commerce
10 minutes Automatically approved by Coinbase.

Products Delivery Deadline

After the payment has been processed we start the delivery process.

Type ETA Deadline Detalhes
Virtual Credit (PIN)  5 minutes to 2 hours 48 hours Virtual Credit like PIN are delivered automatically from our system.
Virtual Currency 30 minutes to 48 hours 10 days The delivery are made in accord from our stock availability in the game servers. Instructions for receiving are sent by mail.

Additional Information

Bonus for Virtual Currency Our bonus system is only with integer values and for quantity above 10 units (k, mil, billion, etc). The bonus system is only valid for games with bonus announced.  
Bonus for delay If the maximum deliver deadline is exceeded, we will add 10% bonus to the quantity that was not delivered. This bonus is only valid for orders with no discount/bonus already added.  
Order Expiration

The order will be expired after 30 days of the payment if the withdrawal of the purchased products didn't happened. The order can be approved again at the customer request, but the purchased value will be converted to the prices currently exercised.


Payment Refund

The customers can ask for a refund if the order has not been delivered.

Type Deadline Details
Cryptocurrencies 24 to 72 hours Contact our online support with your order number to ask for a refund.

Feel free to talk with us by our online support in case of any doubts.