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VIP Rewards

Buying at Tribo GAMES you get a discount on your purchases. You participate every time you make a purchase with us.

When you reach the required number of points, you get discounts on your purchases. There are two types of discount, one for coin type product and another for epin credit.

Each Point is equal to one dollar spent on purchases. If you make a purchase worth R$100 you earn 100 points.

You do not have any points yet. Make a purchase to start participating!
 VIP Level Discount  Points
My Points
Coin Epin Credit
Silver Level 2% - 500 -
Gold Level 3% 2%* 1500 -
Platinum Level 4% 2%* 3000 -
Diamond Level 5% 3%* 5000 -

- The VIP discount does not accumulate with coupons.
(*) The discount for credits is only valid for payments methods in brazil.