Each unit is 1 Million.
Delivery Method We deliver directly to your Character by Trade in a specific game location.

Let Your Digimon Strong With DMO Teras

Being a DAT agent you need the best items and skills to maintain order in the Digital World.

Buying DMO Tera you will have better items for you and your digimon. In addition it will save farming time and will increase even more your fun in Digimon Master Online.

Have your Digimon in this exciting game

Digimon Masters Online is based on the famous Japanese animation series Digimon. In this the Japanese government has knowledge about the existence of digimons and has a special unit whose mission is to capture invading digimons of the human world. You are a agent who works on the DATS special unit.

Buying Digimon Teras you improve your fun

With Teras you have access to more powerful items to be able to equip you and your digimon for battle. So you detonate your enemies and show yourself to your friends.

Secure and Reliable

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